Is There a Market for Cedar Shake Roofing in Greenville?

local roofer Greenville cedar shake roof

Yes, there still is a market for cedar shake roofing in Greenville, due to the special qualities of such a roof but also due to the general trend of returning to natural, ecological materials.

Wooden shakes have been used for hundreds of years to cover people’s homes and have proven their effectiveness in time, there is no question about it.

What advantages does a cedar shake roof bring?

First of all, the light weight of a cedar shake roof makes the construction more resistant and stable, especially in areas with high seismic risk. If you decide to cover your house with this type of roofing option, you save, from the very beginning, on everything that means building materials, because the resistance structure of the building no longer needs to be reinforced, as it could be needed if you chose other roofing materials, much heavier than cedar shakes.

A wooden roof is a very good thermal insulator. In addition, it copes with all climatic conditions and is very flexible, like all natural materials, so it has no problems with heat expansion and contraction at low temperature.

The simple treatment with wood protection solutions makes a cedar shake roof to be very resistant to water and increase its resistance even in case of a fire. To be sure, talk with a local roofer Greenville is home to and get their advice on preferred roofing materials before choosing.

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