Should Slate Roofing Systems Be Replaced After They Reach a Certain Age?

slate roofing contractors yearly maintenance

Slate roof replacement can be quite costly, to be sure. So should you do the roof replacement after your roof reaches a certain age? The answer to this question may depend on several different factors.

Slate is one of the nicest-looking types of roofs available on the market. Despite the fact that slate can last for a really long time, after a decade most slate roofs will certainly need a little bit of yearly maintenance by local Greenville roofing contractors.

Most often, the repairs that need to be made are to secure loose slates and to seal the flashings around the chimney. Replacing the loosened slate roof tiles is one of the most frequent fixes that have to be done.

Slate can be found in many types of sizes and colors, and that is yet another reason why so many people prefer this type of material for their roofing system. There can be uniform or standard slate, which is arranged like asphalt shingles, and, therefore, is easier to repair. Moreover, there is also multicolored slate, which adds more personality to any kind of building. Patterned slate is another beautiful choice for many homeowners. Textured slate has a rougher kind of appearance, which still matches various styles.

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