Greenville, SC Commercial Roofing Services for Dealing with Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Commercial Roofing Contractors Greenville

As cedar is a very resistant material, it has been for hundreds of years for various constructions, including for cedar shake roofing systems. When these roofs are left without any maintenance, they can develop mold, fungi, algae and moss. But with the right amount of care, your cedar shake roof can last for a very long time, having a lifespan between 40 and 60 years.

A cedar roof certainly has many amazing benefits. First of all, it has rich and warm colors, which can look nice in mostly any kind of environment. It also offers good insulation, which means your energy bills will be reduced. Moreover, this kind of roof is capable of withstanding high winds.

Routine maintenance can include having it inspected on a weekly or monthly basis when the storm season is on. The best idea is to hire a professional team of commercial roofing contractors Greenville has for the job. Cleaning your cedar roof certainly is the best way to keep it in a good shape. There are many good products available on the market to help you get rid of unwanted dirt from your cedar roof.

Cracked or curling shingles are yet some other good examples of what can go wrong with a cedar roofing system.

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