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South Carolina’s First Choice for Roofing.

From expert installations to full-service repairs, we offer roofing services customized to your home’s specific needs. Your home is one of the most important investments and working with an experienced team is imperative to ensure the work is done right. That is where we come in. We are a locally owned and operated, family run company that has been offering South Carolina professional and ethical roofing, siding and gutter solutions that ensure your property is well maintained for decades. Your experience with The Roofing Company will make you confident that you can refer us to all your friends and family. Our inspectors will give you an honest estimate regarding the work that will need to be completed for your home and one of our expert project managers will oversee the work from conception to completion.

Our team has delivered the finest quality construction for our customers in South Carolina for decades. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and we are committed to listening to ensuring that we meet their unique roofing system needs to their fullest satisfaction.

Our well-trained and professional roofers, precision craftsmanship, and superior customer service are just some of the things that help set us apart from other local roofing contractors.

We believe it’s our responsibility to help you understand what is going on with your roof and empower you to decide what works best for you. We help you avoid unnecessary expenses by thoroughly evaluating the entire roof and discussing any other potential issues before we offer the options and a quote for the repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

South Carolina Roofing Restoration and repair questions.

Why are references and testimonials important?

In South Carolina, every contractor who wants to legally do work needs to apply for a contractor’s license. For a roofing company, it is a specific license that does not cross into other fields. Licenses are, in essence, are a convenient way for the state to know who is doing work within their borders. In an instance where something unfortunate occurs, licensing makes it clear where the fault lies by checking the permits and licensing on file.

What Does It Mean To Be Insured?

In many instances, it is even more important to be insured than licensed. At least from the customer’s perspective, anyway. A roofing contractor in South Carolina working on your roof must carry substantial insurance policies that will cover them from accidents to liability for damages. Holding these types of insurance policies protects our company, our employees, and most importantly, it protects you and your property in all ways while we are working on your home.

What Areas do your service?

While we have 2 South Carolina offices, one in upstate and one in low country, we services many areas including but not limited to, Charleston, Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg. Please feel free to contact our office to see if we can service your roofing needs. Rest assured we are eager to help.

Are You A Fully Licensed & Insured Roofing Company?

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you appreciate the ways in which insurance and licensing protect the general public from unscrupulous and underhanded scammers and con artists. In today’s roofing restoration industry, we have more regulations and control over contractors and their practices, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to the

Whether you choose The Roofing Company of South Carolina or one of our competitors, we advise all our clients to ask the chosen company for their credentials to ensure you know who you’re trusting with your family and your home.

What Does Having Proper Licensing Mean?

In an industry like roofing, asking for references or checking reviews can be essential. Knowing that previous clients, vendors and suppliers alike are all satisfied with their experience can give you the peace of mind needed to entrust us to the job. These references can give you useful insights into how the company has done business in the past and can save you time and frustration.

Understanding your estimate

Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

Total amount to repair and/or replace damaged items. Once your insurance company receives an invoice from contractor that work is complete, they will issue payments for the total RCV, less your deductible.


The portion of your claim, you are responsible for paying. For example, if your RCV is $20,920.00 and you have a $1,000 Deductible, your insurance company will pay $19,920.00 for the repairs and you pay $1,000. The Roofing Company cannot pay, waive or rebate the deductible in part or in whole. Please don't ask us to do this.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Amount your roof, siding or damaged items are worth today. When you report your claim, your insurance company will send a first check that is for the total ACV.

Contractor's Overhead and Profit (OP)

Percent of RCV that goes towards contractor expenses and profit.

Non-Recoverable/Customer Portion RPS

Like your deductible, your insurance company also expects home owners to cover this part of the Total RCV. Non-Recoverable depreciation is often on items like pool/spa covers, fences and older cedar shake roofs.

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