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Wood Shingle Roofs in South Carolina

Wood Shingle Roofs in South Carolina

Wood shingle roofs in South Carolina are ideal for roofs with a steep pitch so that they can adequately get rid of moisture. The most common wood shingles utilized in roofing are cedar, which last the longest and tend to be the most fire resistant. Most wood shingle roofing have extra coatings applied to help with longevity and safety.

Wood Shingle Roof Benefits

Wood shingles tend to have a lot of character that not only gets better with time, but also blends nicely with the landscape and other surroundings. They start off very natural in color and will enhance your home’s overall curb appeal and over time, the cedar will change to a more silver hue which is absolutely gorgeous.

Wood shingles are also one of the most lightweight roofing materials available which makes repairs relatively easy. You also cannot ignore the fact that wood is a natural thermal insulator, which allows your home to remain cooler during the summer and helps lower the heating bill in the winter.

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