Pros And Cons Of Cedar Shakes

Pros and Cons Roofing Contractors Discuss

Cedar shakes are a traditional roofing option, but they are still very much appreciated today due to their particular beauty that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any house. With cedar shakes installed on the roof, your home can look like a rustic cottage, but also like an elegant chalet, depending on the style you choose.

There are pros and cons to put in balance before deciding whether a cedar shake roof is right for you.


  • Beautiful Appearance

Cedar wood roofing is attractive, there is no doubt about it. Many other roofing materials imitate the aspect of cedar shakes, precisely for this reason. However, nothing is as authentic as the natural materials!

  • Weather Resistant

Cedar shakes can withstand very bad weather, including hail, wind and snowstorms.

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation

Cedar shakes create a naturally insulating roof, which will allow you to conserve heating and cooling energy and reduce your energy bills.

  • Long Lasting

A cedar roof is expected to provide adequate protection even for 30 years, with proper maintenance.


  • More Expensive than other roofing options

Cedar shakes are considered a higher-end roofing material, due to their superior performance and appearance, so you can expect them to pay more them than for other more common roofing materials

  • More maintenance requirements than usual

As mentioned before, a cedar roof is resistant and durable, but only if it is maintained properly. Being a natural material, wood has specific vulnerabilities (it is affected by moisture, it rots and it burns easily) and they must be addressed regularly, through the application of specific wood protective solutions. Outside of these pros and cons talking with roofing contractors Spartanburg SC is home to is recommended before deciding which roofing material is best for your home and location.

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