Types of Tile Roofing That Are Popular in Spartanburg, SC

residential roofing practical quite resistant Greenville SC Options

Although shingle roofs are practical and quite resistant for residential roofing Greenville SC homes, they cannot compare to the splendor and elegance of tile roofing systems. Customizing a house with tiles can be an excellent idea. There are a lot of options to choose from, for every taste and budget.

Clay roof tiles have an incomparable beauty, which makes them still popular these days, despite the upfront high costs. At the same time, slate is fireproof and can last for a long time. But you need a very strong structure to support your slate roof.

Metal roof tiles can be another good choice. Among the most popular types of metal we could mention copper, aluminum, steel and zinc. These tiles can be found in different shapes, sizes and textures. Metal can be quite noisy and it can dent easily. And when it is wet, it can be very dangerous to walk on.

Concrete roofing tiles are another sound solution for many homeowners. Composite slate is a blend of natural and artificial materials. They can mimic the appearance of most any type of roofing material. Solar roof tiles can be another good idea that many people would like to use for their roofing system.

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