F-Wave: What Is It & How Does It Work?

F-wave, REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles. Home showcase. Brown design on a large tan home.

Imagine having a premium roofing shingle that can both protect your home and have the authentic shingle look. With the new F-wave shingle arriving to the market in a rush, we realize that the quality and superiority of this product is something worth talking about. F-Wave is a partnered company with us to help bring there new revolution to the marketplace.

First we have there mission of creating the best shingle in the world is backed by science and technology. New standards of protection and reliability to keep you safe for longer.

What Makes F-Wave Better?

Traditional Laminated Shingle

  • Glued layers can delaminate over time
  • Granule loss leads to cracking & UV degradation
  • Low tear strength & impact resistance
  • Improper nailing leads to blow-off in high winds

F-Wave: One-Piece REVIA Synthetic Shingle

  • Engineered materials for maximum durability
  • No granules, no asphalt, no loss of performance
  • Superior tear strength & impact resistance
  • Designed for easy installation & high-wind performance
Comparison of Traditional Laminated Shingle and F-Wave: One-Piece REVIA Synthetic Shingle. Showcasing the design and look of the shingle. The differences between both.

Image and Text Originally From: https://fwaveroofing.com/

With this new shingle your home is now a fortress among others. With the ability to brace the strongest of southern storms. Built to preform in the harshest of seasons and storms F-wave is built to protect you. Built with a solid ROI in mind you have both the product and a peace of mind. That F-wave will give back to you as it protects your home. As well as having a smart and technological design F-wave is the shingle of the future in all ways.

The new REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles (or just F-wave) paired with incredible beauty and durable design to combine both aesthetics and function.

Combined with a Class 4 Impact Resistance, 130 MPH Wind Rating, and Class A Fire Rated design and protection F-Wave is the toughest shield on the market. With the ability to keep you, your family and your home safe for years to come.

Can It Get Any Better?

Combining the technology and design of F-wave offers a 50 Year Weather Advantage warranty on its products that allow you to have the peace of mind when protected that you will be taken care of for decades to come.

How Does F-Wave Look On My Roof?

The new F-wave shingles provide a unique look for your home in there design and functionality. The secret is in the commercial-grade polymer that adds the stronger, lighter and easy to install sustainability. It is available in the styles of today as well as new and unique styles F-wave is both beautiful and effective.

Image Originally On: https://fwaveroofing.com/revia-shingles/

REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles designs and looks. 4 unique designs for homes. Including one coming in summer 2021.

With the design of over 4 unique looks, F-wave can be confidently installed on any home. And new designs being added each day its a ever changing brand. With the potential to grow at exponential rates F-wave is the future of roofing.

Here at the Roofing Company we fully back all REVIATM Synthetic Roofing Shingles and will gladly inform you on it as well as install it on your home. With out full confidence you can be assured of having a properly protected home for years to come. Ask us about F-wave today!